We design and manufacture various types of storage tanks according to users’ requirements. Besides, tanks are installed both indoors and outdoors with or without insulation, agitation and air conditioning.

Stainless steel storage tanks with high standards, including single or double layer, and wheel operation aim to create favorable conditions for consumers. They are widely used in food, drinking juices, dairy products, beer, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.




The mixing tanks are designed to meet to specific requirements of customers. They are equipped with: heat exchange, insulation, agitation, and are atmospheric or pressurizable (gas, steam, hydraulic, etc…).Mixing tanks are used in most industries of Chemicals, Petroleum, Construction and Food, aiming to create suspension solution, uniformity, the increase of dissolving substances and chemical reactions together. At the same time, avoiding splitting layers during mixing.

There is a variety of types of agitators which operate based on the rotational speed of the shaft that can be mixed fast and slow.

Main advantages of using mixing tanks such as the process of mixing chemicals are made easily, saving a large amount of time of operation and chemical costs.




High quality jacket tanks are designed to maintain a cool or hot temperature depending on the needs of customers.

The structure consists of jacket and baffles for liquid storage, aiming to control temperature during the time of storage. Common industries using these types of jacket tanks are Food, Pharmaceutical, Biological and Beverage.



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