17/01/2019: Year end Party 2019

Closing a year of hard work and enthusiasm, TTP recently celebrated jubilantly and TTP Year End Party. All team at TTP had the opportunity to gather, look back at the efforts and achievements of the past year, and also to add a new beautiful memory for the journey of sticking together and together. Also at […]


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Crane 15 Tons

October, 2019: We expand the acreage of TTP factory to 8000m2

2015: We start up with the 1000m2 acreage of factory. After 2 years effort, we have expanded the acreage of factory to 5000m2. That is the process we are constantly trying.  2019: In response to the customer, TTP decided to wided scale up 8000m2 and upgrade our machine system. 


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